Approvals for our North Bala Small Hydro Project fall under a number of provincial and federal regulatory and permitting requirements.

As a condition of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) release of Crown lands adjacent to Bala’s North Dam, the project’s environmental screening document meets the intent of MNR’s Water Management Planning Guidelines and the Muskoka River Water Management Plan that govern allowable water uses for this lake and river system. 

In addition to provincial and federal environmental assessment requirements, Swift River Energy Limited has also obtained a number of other land use licenses and permits.  

The following provides a list of permits and approvals obtained for the Project:

  • MOE environmental screening / federal environmental screening

  • Transport Canada - Approval under Section 5(1) of the Navigable Waters Protection Act

  • MNR - Work Permit

  • MNR LRIA - Location Approval

  • MOE - Permit to take water

  • MNR - License of Occupation

  • OPA - Notice to Proceed

  • MOE - Environmental Compliance Approval

  • District of Muskoka - Municipal District Access Permit

Notice of Completion for the Project (under O.Reg. 116/01) was declared on October 9, 2009 at which time the Environmental Screening Review/Report (ESRR) was made available to agencies, aboriginal communities, stakeholders and the public for comments.  The mandated 30 day review was extended voluntarily by Swift River to 44 days.  It has been broken down into individual sections and appendices to facilitate downloading over the internet.




Other Approvals